Pet Groomer

Our hearts are broken.

Link crossed the rainbow bridge Monday, 28 December 2020.

We brought him home at 8 weeks old in the Summer of 2018, and it's safe to say, nothing was ever the same. We named him Link after the hero from The Legend of Zelda. He was our first dog and he changed our lives in more ways than we could have imagined. He changed our perspective on life, and ultimately, he inspired us to pursue a new grooming.


Link's favourite activities were walking, sock collecting, napping, playing fetch, and watching bins being collected every Wednesday. He loved life and he was our best friend.

More than anything, he loved his mum and dad. He was always there to greet us with the softest kisses. He was good at performing tricks, but he was the best at unconditional love. He always saw the good in everyone and loved making new friends.

Link lost a hard fought battle with what was suspected to be GME (Granulomatous Meningo-Encephalomyelitis) an autoimmune disease, and his condition deteriorated rapidly the night before we were due to see a Neuro Specialist. We just couldn't get a diagnosis and treatment for him in time.

We will think of him every time we open the snack drawer and when the delivery man rings the doorbell. We will miss him every time we see a sock on the floor and his empty pillow on our bed.

In his two short years, he left behind the happiest memories and a love we will always miss, cherish, and remember.

In his memory, we ask that you give your pups some extra love in honour of Link.

We'll never stop missing you little buddy.

Remembering Link