Three French Bullgod Puppies

Introduction to Grooming

Introducing a dog to the grooming salon early can allow them to associate the environment and grooming process positively, and it helps to build the bond between pup and groomer.

Puppies take to new experiences a little easier than adult dogs do. Being bathed, hearing the sound of the dryer and clippers, the feel of scissors, and being handled all over is a must for all young puppies.

Dogs with long, thick, or curly coats can become matted very quickly, and brushing and combing through a matted coat can cause pain and make puppies more hesitant of being brushed both at home and at the salon.


A dog's coat acts to protect them from all elements but in order for it to be effective, it has to be properly and regularly maintained so that the skin can breathe underneath. A well maintained coat will not only make dogs feel more comfortable, it's important for their temperature regulation and easier to manage at home in between professional appointments.

It's important for every dog's welfare and well-being to have a comfortable and matt-free coat, so the earlier they can be introduced, the better.

At Linky's, we offer Puppy Pampers once puppies have had their vaccinations, usually from 12 weeks of age. Our puppy packages are designed to be slow, gentle, and steady in order to help them get accustomed to the grooming process and to make the experience less scary.

We pride ourselves on being compassionate groomers, and we also work with nervous dogs (and their guardians) to help build their confidence. Building trust with dogs can take time; it's important to observe and assess each dog's behaviour, triggers, and sensitivities in order to provide the best tailored experience for their grooming visits, we don't operate any other way.

Dog welfare, emotional response, and well-being is built into our grooming DNA.

The difference between

a dog that is groomed every 3-6 months and

a dog that is groomed every 4-6 weeks... one dog thinks it's being punished

while the other thinks it's part of life