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Our pet grooming services include a free ‘Meet & Treat’ consultation prior to the first grooming appointment - we insist on it!

Meet & Treat is a great and relaxing opportunity to introduce your pet to us and our salon environment, it also allows us to accurately capture your requirements, your pet's grooming history, and their ongoing needs as part of our registration process.


This dedicated time enables us to observe your pet's temperament and behaviour, assess their coat and needs, to ensure that maximum time and care can be spent on providing the perfect tailored environment and spa treatment for your pet going forward.

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You and your pet will be invited to visit us for an initial 30 minute complimentary session.


During this time, your pet will be able to freely roam off lead in our secure garden and their favourite treats will be scattered allowing them to explore, absorb, and process our environment and leave with a positive experience and memory.  


You will be able to meet us, see the salon, ask as many questions as you'd like, and get the boring (but important!) registration part out of the way.


Following the Meet & Treat, you will be able to select a date for your pet's first grooming appointment.

We operate strictly by appointment only.

Booking Process


Complete the New Client Waiting List form (link below) and we will be in touch

Review a copy of our Terms of Service (link below), you will be required  to sign a copy at your Meet & Treat appointment


Prepay a £20 booking fee to secure your appointment (a payment link will be emailed to you)

The booking fee can either be deducted from your grooming total or rolled over to secure your next appointment


Meet your pet's new groomer. We'll send you an appointment confirmation by email

Once the Meet & Treat has concluded, you can select a grooming date for your pet

I want to Register

If you would like to become a Linky's client, please click on the

link below to submit your details and we will be in touch!